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Rotation-nozzle TS98

sensitive cleaning
  • The rotation-nozzle TS98 for sensitive cleaning takes the aggression out of the blasting-stream and increases the surface-performance at big surfaces upto 50%.
  • With the rotation-nozzle TS98, extra air is added to the blasting-steam.
  • The air rotates the outstreamming air-water.blasting media-mixture.
  • The result is a reduced blasting-pressure at the exit-point and a constant blasting effect over the entire cross-section.
  • To the relief of hose-connections and to the prevention of crack-positions at hoses.
  • The hose-holder is suitable for hoses with an outside-diameter from 30 to 80 mm (1.2 to 3.2 inch).
suit work-suit - torbo 02

Every day brings a new challenge, that requires the full use.

A good clothing presupposes property work, because only who comfortably and certainly dressed is, also feels well in his skin. So probably, that it can concentrate to hundred percent on his/its selective activity.
With the torbo, you are always on the right side - relies you on it.

To the needs of your personnel adjusted.
In connection with contactors and manufacturer, we have developed your new robust and long-lived work-suit " torbo 02 ". That pleasantly to tragene suit is processed high-quality and in parts respiration-active.

The bonnet - adjustable and fit perfect for each head-size. It lies flat on the collar well and fits the shoulder-part for itself.

The top - with generous breast-bag for miscellaneous utensils; overlaps doubly with strap-bound.
The association has a high-quality widen-attitude.
Neck-cuff additionally with integrated cellar-pleat.

The pants - high-cut with wide and elastic bearers.
With double sewed elastic-bound in the back-part for a good seat.
In the front with on both sides opening zipper, overlaps doubly with additional strap-bound.
With integrated, lockable bags for knee-protectors and adjustable pant leg-wideness.
jet torbojet 500 - 2.500 bar

The torbojet Super Blast-System,

A new development in blasting for top grade performance and effectiveness.
A combination system of wet- sand and high pressure water-blasting equipment is now, within your reach!

The laborious practice till present day
Until now, sucking blasting media with high pressure water units is difficult and the systems and are hard to regulate: This traditional system causes a very irregular vacuum which results in a high consumption of blasting media (till 60 kg/m2) . Furthermore the blasting media can only be sucked out of the container over a short distance ( 10 m) and the blasting media has to be absolutely dry. As is the case with dry-blasting: a little bit of moisture cause that the sand in the vessel to clog.

Joint research lead to a breakthrough
Two specialized companies, torbo ENGINEERING KEIZERS GmbH at Borken and Oftec GmbH at Gelsenkirchen, joined forces, and put in all their skills, expertise and experience, in order to solve this problem torbo© wet blasting equipment is renown for its high accuracy in the dosing of blasting media and water, their precise pressure adjustment and high reliability.
OFTEC GmbH is reputated for their special tools for ultra high pressure blasting like the Tube Scater and the Magnet Crawler, Spray Robots and special solutions for difficult building sights.

The torbojet
torbo and Oftec are now proud to present the torbojet, a flexible and easy to install system in which the torbo© machine serves as an adjustable regulating and dosing device for a high pressure blasting machine.

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