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Paint Removal in general

- Fast and easy using the Speedheater MethodTM

No paint holds firmer than the bottom coat.

The top layer of paint is usually held responsible for peeling, when in reality it is the first layer that no longer has sufficient adhesion. Paint ages, and over time a thick layer of coats builds up on the surface, which reduces adhesion.

By stripping paint to the bare wood, painting can begin again from scratch using a deep-penetrating primer and undercoat that offer good ahesion. As well as higher quality, the result is more attractive as wooden details are more clearly visible.

The Speedheater MethodTM is based on paint removal using Infrared Technology. Infrared (IR) radiation and minor heat softens the paint quickly and efficiently, making it easy to scrape off. The Speedheater IR Paint Remover from Sweden (also known as the Silent Paint Remover in US) is a silent and labour-saving device for use in re-painting exterior and interior wooden surfaces. The tool is ideal for window restoration as it softens paint and putty at simultaneously.

The Speedheater Method, with the unique safety, cost-effective, wooden quality and environmentally friendly Paint Removal benefits, is designed for both Professionals and Homeowners. The Speedheater MethodTM is extremely gentle to the wood and is therefore highly recommended by the National Heritage Boards in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Why Remove Paint?

Over the years the ingredients in paint have varied between countries and paint producers. Ingredients today considered being toxic and forbidden have previously been frequently used, like lead. The actual stop of using lead also varies between countries. Thereffore the extent of the safety problems with lead based paint may vary. In countries like USA, Australia etc, all lead based paint has to be removed by law.

From a maintenance perspective, removing paint is particularly important. If a paint layer is too thick the paint will crack and repainting will only provide temporary protection before the paint cracks and flakes again.

Removing paint to the bare wood affords the opportunity to repaint from scratch using a deep-penetrating primer and undercoat that provide excellent adhesion for the paint layers to follow.

If the painting work is carried out correctly, you can have a problem-free siding/façade for at least 30-40 years that requires only minor maintenance.

As well as higher quality of work due to the aspects described above, the result is perceived as more attractive as wooden details are more clearly visible.

When Strip Paint?

Safety Aspects

General speaking, preservation and restoration work is like travelling back in time. Paint Removal in no exception. Any top coat of paint hides the exploits of previous generations, why each individual paint removal project calls for its own unique evaluations.

Old paint usually contains non-healthy components of which some are really toxic. Therefore the need analysis needs to involve both the maintenance evaluation and what safety issues to consider on the object on hand. Especially when you are about to remove lead based paint.

When dealing with lead based paint you need to take all necessary safety actions possible to prevent lead exposure (meaning plumbic gas and dust). You can also reduce the risks of exposure by choosing a more safe paint removal method.

Needs Analysis

Re-painting a house takes time and is quite a costly business. Therefore, there is not much point in compromising on the initial preparation and primer stages, only to have to re-do the whole job a few years later. Thinking long-term and assessing what preparation work is required is a good idea that pays off in the long run. Experienced painters say that around 80 per cent of the effort should be invested in the preparation phase.

However, in reality we are all human and this is usually also the most boring and strenuous aspect of the job, a phase you would probably rather skip altogether. Not only are you keen to get on with the actual painting, but it's also difficult to make a relevant assessment of the particular needs of a given building.






mailto     office phone +66 (0)76 - 249505    direct call: +66 (0)86 - 9439834


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