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Quick and easy using the Speedheater MethodTM

The Speedheater MethodTM is based on Paint Removal on Wood using Infrared (IR) Technology. The IR rays / heat soften paint quickly and efficiently, making it very extremely to scrape off.

The Speedheater IR Paint Remover (also known as the Silent Paint Remover in US) is an innovative, labour-saving device for use in re-painting exterior and interior surfaces. As you scrape one surface the next is being heated up, making the process very efficient. When renovating windows, the electric tool loosens paint and putty simultaneously without cracking the glass. The Tool is silent and energy-efficient, giving it a distinct advantage over more noisy methods.

Another benefit of Infrared Paint Removal is that the clean, dry, smooth wood surface can be painted directly, dramatically reducing the need for finishing work. This revolutionary Invention from Sweden removes many of the difficult, time-consuming elements from Paint Removal/ Preservation and Restoration projects.

The Speedheater Method, with the safety, cost-effective, wooden quality and environmentally friendly unique benefits of Infrared Paint Removal, is designed for both Professionals and Homeowners.

How does it work?

The Infrared rays heat and soften paint quickly and efficiently, making it easy to scrape the surface clean without the effort and strain of dry stripping. As less power is needed to strip the paint, this also reduces the risk of damaging the wood, thus further reducing the need for finishing work.

Moreover, heat is stored in the work surface which prolongs the time that paint can be stripped.


Quality and Lead Safety Aspects

Infrared technology enables a very low operating temperature. The paint only reaches around 100-200°C in normal use, and the wood surface only around 70°C, which prevents the wood surface from being damaged.
The low operating temperature also prevents any plumbic gases being released from the paint. Any lead particles remain in the paint scrapings and can easily be gathered up on a tarpaulin or other worksheet. The waste can then be handed in at the nearest environmental station in accordance with local regulations on environmentally hazardous waste.

The infrared heat from a Speedheater is gentle and has a preserving effect on the wood surface during the process.
Any mould or fungus is removed, and resin and rosin rise up towards the sapwood, increasing the wood's resistance to moisture.

The Speedheater Method is kind to wood and is therefore recommended by the National Heritage Boards in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The IR paint remover makes it possible to renovate your house quickly and efficiently in a way that's gentle on you, the wood surface and the environment.

Infrared Rays (The History)

It was Sir William Herschel (1738-1822) who discovered the infrared spectrum in 1800. William Herschel was a musician and an astronomer. Herschel built his own telescopes and therefore had great insight into lenses and mirrors. Based on the fact that sunlight is made up of all the colours of the spectrum, he wanted to establish what light it was that also had a heating effect.

Various experiments were conducted to measure various types of light and their temperatures. The highest temperature was found beyond the red portion of the spectrum. These rays were invisible to the human eye, and Herschel called them 'calorific rays'. It is this portion of the light wavelength spectrum that is today known as infrared light.

All bodies with a heat factor above absolute zero (0°K or -273.15°C) emit heat radiation or infrared rays. Although infrared light itself is invisible, it can be felt on the skin in the form of heat.
Infrared rays/heat is used in the automotive industry, for example, to dry paint, and in the paper industry to dry paper.
Other applications are found in communication between close-standing electronic machines, such as television remote control player






mailto     office phone +66 (0)76 - 249505    direct call: +66 (0)86 - 9439834


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