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When should you begin painting after stripping a surface with the Speedheater IR Paint Remover?

As soon as possible, preferably the same day as the moisture level will normally be as low as 8-10%. Ideally, use a damp

Plastic paint straight onto wood?

Use the same method as for old, dried-out paint layers.

Fire Hazard

Minimal. The operating temperature is normally just 100-200°C and only the irradiated surface becomes warm, in contrast to the 400-1000°C produced by a hot air gun where the air can get into cracks and start a fire on the back side of the panel.
The parts of a building most susceptible to fire are roof footings and around window and door frames.
If you prefer to err on the side of caution, spray water onto roof footings and on the underside of the roof with e.g. a spray bottle before applying any heat. Water usually makes the process of paint stripping easier and is dried out by the Speedheater IR Paint Remover.

How is the wood affected?

Moisture is drawn out and natural resins and rosins melt and are brought to the timber surface, which inhibits the ability of the wood to draw in more moisture. This ensures good adhesion for the paint and extends the life of the paint layers.

Hot work?

Contractors must be fully trained. Fire departments hold one-day courses. NB! This is due to insurance regulations.
Private individuals do not need this training.

Time of year

Paint can be removed and undercoat paint work carried out at any time of year, including winter.

What effect do wind and rain have?

Wind has a strong cooling effect whether it is hot or cold outside. For this reason, you should always protect the working surface in windy conditions using tarpaulin or similar.
As a general rule, protect all equipment from exposure to water or other liquids.


It may be possible to remove paint from plaster and rendering using the Speedheater IR Paint Remover. However, you should carry out a test to make sure.

The Speedheater usually works very well on window bars and sheet steel roofs that are painted with oil-based paint, but not on other metal constructions.






mailto     office phone +66 (0)76 - 249505     direct call: +66 (0)86 - 9439834


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